• Safe Activities

    Activities and Organizations Supporting Safe Socialization for Children and Teens

    Information graciously provided by Counselors & Associates LTD.  Please visit and like their Facebook page for more information.



    - Adams School of Dance (Belleville, IL)

    - Looking Glass Playhouse (Lebanon, IL)

    - Horseback Riding Lessons for Children, Teens, and Adults
    Grand Paradise Ranch (Collinsville IL)

    - Fairview Rex Plex (Fairview Heights)

    - Willoughby Farms (Collinsville, IL)

    - Treehouse Wildlife Center (Godfrey, IL)

    - Korte Recreation Center (Highland)

    - We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym (Edwardsville)

  • APPS
    How you are feeling on a daily basis matters. Reflectly is a personal journal and diary driven by artificial intelligence to enable you to deal with negative thoughts, make positivity louder and to teach you about the science of well-being.

    Be prepared to reduce stress, get perspective, develop gratitude and learn to apply empathy and kindness to every aspect of your life.

    -Reflectly uses positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy to make you thrive in life and to give you the personal tools and mindset to overcome negative thoughts and build a habit of positivity through a journal into your life.

    is an app for kids with an e-book library that contains over 35,000 children's books (and it includes a read-to-me feature for little ones who are still learning to read). One of our parent testers says it's “a great app to have when the kids want screen time, but you don't!” This app is a perfect way to take reading wherever your device goes, and it's great for families with kids of various ages.
    Ages: 2-12
    Cost: one-month free trial

    -Stack the States 2
    Best App for Kids in Middle School
    Part game, part educational tool, Stack the States helps kids learn geography and general knowledge about different states through a game. Each right answer leads to winning a state to add to your stack, and the ultimate goal is stacking your states to a certain height. The app keeps itself fun and fresh by offering three other games that kids can unlock as they complete different rounds. There’s also a version for countries.
    Ages: 10+
    Cost: $3

    Best App for Kids in High School
    The Duolingo Owl (the app's mascot and icon) has been popping up as a meme all over social media in recent months, so chances are your high schooler knows what Duolingo is. Encourage them to take it one step further and download the app so they can learn a different language.
    They can practice through audio, word identification, and oral exercises for over 30 languages — it's a great way for your child to keep their language-learning skills sharp over the summer. PS: Parents can use this app, too!
    Ages: 10+
    Cost: free, optional ad-free Duolingo Plus is $6.99/month

    -Lightbot: Code Hour
    Best Beginner Coding App for Kids
    Lightbot: Code Hour introduces kids of all ages to the basic concepts of coding and the logic that computer programmers use to write code — all without having to actually code! Instead, the app has kids get Lightbot through different pathways by using functions commonly found in code. This app is a great way to get your kid interested in coding and computer programming, without overwhelming them.
    Ages: 8+
    Cost: free

    -Brainpop Jr. Movie of The Week
    For 20 years, Brainpop has been providing kids all over the world with in-depth, yet easy to understand educational videos on everything ranging from Mozart to food allergies. Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week is an app that gives younger kids access to these videos, plus short quizzes on them.
    You’ll need a subscription to access to the full library of videos, but the free version still gets you the movie of the week, plus more free videos on internet safety, bullying, and other subjects. Brainpop also has a version for older kids too!
    Ages: 6-9
    Cost: free, optional subscription is $6.99/month

  • Libraries
    O’Fallon Public Library
    -Zoom STEAM Club- Online
    -Zoom Lego Club- Online
    -Zoom Book Club- Online
    -Quadricorn Book Club- Online
    -Tutoring Appointments via Zoom
    -Homework Help
    -DMV Practice Tests

    Edwardsville Public Library
    -Online Reading Challenges
    o Set new goals with our online challenges that allow you to track your reading and activities, write reviews, and earn progress badges along the way. We are launching new options for all ages this Fall. See what is currently available, learn how to sign up, and register today!
    -Online Stories and Activities with Children’s Authors & Illustrators
    o Many authors and illustrators have graciously provided virtual story times, activities, and learning for the kid in all of us while we are home. See if your favorite is on this list!
    -Tumble Books
    o Tumblebooks is a curated database of children's e-books with over 1,400 titles for grades K-6.
    -Story time on FB
    -Online reading Challenges
    -Student Success
    -E-books and More
    -Gift wrap kits for teens
    -Dungeon and Dragons Online

    - Monterey Bay Aquarium Watch the animals LIVE
    - Vitamin Z taped lessons
    - The San Diego Zoo Watch the animals LIVE
    - The Smithsonian National Zoo Watch the animals LIVE
    - Reid Park Zoo Watch the animals LIVE
    - Save a Species Educational Videos

    -Madison County Kids
    Great website to see all kids related activities in the area.  They have a Calendar that lists all events in the area.  They have directories for Parks, Museums, activities, and even lessons like:
    -Gymnastics, Cheer, and Dance
    -Music, Art, and Performance
    -Martial Arts
    -Horseback Riding
    -Ice Hockey and Skating

    -Metro East Kids Publishing
    Metro East Kids Publishing is an on-line digital magazine connecting families with local businesses, upcoming family and community events.

    Metro East Kids' Publishing is THE shopping, eating, learning, and playing resource magazine for Metro East Illinois (Madison and St. Clair Counties) families.

    Metro East Kids' Publishing provides parents, grandparents, and foster parents - anyone involved in nurturing a child - with a targeted shopping resource for goods and services. This online version of the Kids' Magazine includes a broad range of information including parenting resources, community events, and our very popular 24/7 Event Calendar.


    -Rearrange/Redecorate their rooms
    -Puzzle Swaps with neighbors/friends
    -Game Nights
    -Dance Parties
    -Seeing Holiday Lights
    -Family Cooking Night
    -Baking Christmas Cookies
    -Build a Fort
    -Make homemade playdough/slime  
    -Audio Books
    -Create a play
    -Teach Cooking Lessons
    -Sensory Bins
    -Make a Book
    -Make a Movie
    -Makeshift Bowling/Golf
    -Board Games
    -Invent new uses for old toys
    -Lego building
    -Red Light, Green Light
    -Friendship bracelet/necklaces
    -Learn Magic/card tricks

    -Family book club
    -Cook together
    -Question of the day (answer and discuss over dinner)
    -Take virtual trip/tour
    -Email family members
    -Create a story
    -Photo a day challenge (how they survived covid)
    -Pet responsibilities
    -Indoor Planting Kits
    -Make a weekly menu
    -At home Spa day
    -Face time family and friends
    -Family newsletters
    -Podcasts/make your own podcast
    -Workout as a family
    -Rearrange/Redecorate their rooms
    -Start a business
    -Family History
    -Play instruments
    -Make a movie
    -Learn to sew, knit, or crochet
    -Take an online class
    - Plan family vacation for after Covid
    - Meditate
    - Teach them how to do a home improvement project
    - Science experiments
    - Find ways to help/show support for your local community