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    If you are a college student seeking an internship or maybe you know a college student who is seeking an internship, you might want to mention the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce internship opportunity. The Chamber has hosted over 220 college interns in the last 20 years!  So many have used their experience at the Chamber to move on to wonderful careers. Read More

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    Blog Post Week One (6/4/23)
    During our first week at the Chamber of Commerce, we embarked on an exciting journey of professional growth and development. One of the highlights was collaborating with a dynamic team of individuals who were both welcoming and supportive. We quickly adapted to the work environment and established positive relationships with each other.

    Some of our responsibilities primarily involved assisting with various tasks assigned to them. We successfully organized and sorted passwords, ensuring streamlined access to important resources. Additionally, we contributed to the chamber's online presence by creating engaging social media posts and enhancing job postings to attract potential candidates.

    One aspect of the internship that stood out was the ample networking opportunities. We had the chance to interact with influential professionals from different industries, attending meetings and events where we could broaden our connections and gain valuable insights.

    Our experience at the Chamber of Commerce was further enriched by their participation in a board meeting. This unique opportunity allowed us to observe high-level decision-making processes and understand the chamber's strategic goals. We were able to witness firsthand how the organization operated and contributed to its overall mission.

    Overall, our first week at the Chamber of Commerce was both fulfilling and enlightening. We not only acquired practical skills but also gained exposure to the inner workings of a professional organization. The chamber provided a supportive and engaging environment, setting the stage for a promising and enriching summer experience.

    Blog Post Week 2 (6/11/23)
    Experience is something we all wanted when we stepped into this internship and that is something we can all say, we have definitely gotten. This second week here at the Chamber of Commerce, we continued to gain skills for our professional development and growth, as we become more experienced and familiar with the professional work force.

    A highlight this past week was being able to be a part of different meetings that both gave insight and advice on how we can continue to be become the young successful working adults we are all working towards to be. Also, by being included in giving our opinion on what kinds of activities we would like to see at Women’s Conference happening this fall. This is an aspect of our internship that is very much appreciated and something we all like about Interning for Chamber this summer.  

    Our tasks verified this past week, with going through the Chamber’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to make sure current members were being followed and to unfollow any business who are no longer Chamber members. Additionally, we contributed to the Chambers social media pages by scheduling post for both the Home Town Hero Banners and Billboards for various business. Which was something new for all of us and gave us the ability to step further into our role as Mass Communications Interns.

    All aspects of the Chamber so far have exceeded expectations and has only helped each and every one of us gain experience that we will take with us throughout our working careers.

    Overall, the second week at the Chamber of Commerce was both enjoyable and productive. Not only did we continue to gain practical skills, but we also got to keep gaining exposure to the professional world. Summer has only begun, and we can’t wait to continue this internship and see what the rest of Summer has in store.