• Chamber Authors

  • The Checklist Life

    "The Checklist Life: Breaking Free from a Life of Obligations"

    Tracy Bianco

    Author: Tracy Bianco

    "Tracy’s philosophy is that the things we do and how we feel about the world around us are deeply rooted in the stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs they create. With stories of her journey to find peace and balance in her own life, she offers a view that every woman can relate to, along with the revelation that we each have what it takes to rewrite our inner stories. Tracy offers compassionate and empathetic guidance on how to do just that, and lead the kind of life we want.

    Not afraid to reveal her own vulnerabilities and struggles, Tracy writes with authenticity and grace. She’s not preaching from a pulpit—she’s down here learning and growing along with the rest of us."
    Rita Duckworth, owner of Rita Duckworth Writing & Editing


  • Blueprint for Value

    "Blueprint for Value:52 Habits to Discover and Strengthen Your Personal Worth"

    Jeff Koziatek

    Author: Jeff Koziatek

    "I have sat in on Jeff Koziatek’s motivational talks. “Blueprint for Value” is a must read for anyone wanting to become the very best they can be. I know that I have not always viewed myself in the most positive ways and this book came at exactly the right time to remind myself that I have value. There are days I need a pick me up, and I grab this simply for the reminder."
    JJ Kirkpatrick

  • The ABCs of Living Independently When Your Are Older or Frail

    "The ABCs of Living Independently When You Are Older or Frail"
    Stephanie Malench

    Author: Stephanie Malench

    "The author streamlines the information for readers of all ages to navigate Living Independently as a surviving spouse or related family members. I find this book to be very insightful and straightforward. Must read for people faced with these difficult life decisions."
    Rick Militello