Owning a small business is tough, especially during a pandemic.  There are things that we, as a community, can do to support those businesses.  
    Here are some ideas to consider:

    SHOP ONLINE.  Many local businesses have online shopping available and can turn your order around pretty quickly.  Also, many businesses, such as gyms, therapists and colleges, offer classes and other services online.

    BUY GIFT CARDS.  Most small businesses offer gift cards or gift certificates for their products.  These are wonderful ways to support the businesses and the gift certificates also make great gifts.

    ORDER TAKEOUT.  Many restaurants have carryout and delivery.  Some have their own delivery service and some have signed up with delivery companies.  Or, the restaurant might have outdoor dining.  

    OVER TIP.  That includes carryout, delivery and anyone who provides you with service.  Many customer service providers count on tips to feed their family and for the last few months, the tips have been greatly reduced.

    SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  Let your social media followers know about businesses you utilize.  An opportunity to share menus, favorite items, class information, etc.  You could share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media app that you follow.  

    RATE THEM.  You can give the business a review on their own website or there is Google my Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor, BBB, etc.  You can leave the positive review.  If you have a negative review, it is best to contact the business owner directly.   

    OFFER YOUR SERVICES.  If you have a skill that you believe might help the small business, offer to assist.  Those skills might include website updating, social media assistance, working with them on a strategic plan, helping them apply for grants/loans or volunteering in another way.  You can also privately share new ideas for the business, maybe you saw the idea at another business.  

    You can find a list of the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce’s members status by visiting their website at www.troymaryvillecoc.com or give them a call at 618-667-8769.

    Dawn Mushill, Executive Director
    Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce

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