We are seeking an intern in the following areas:
    • Marketing/PR
    • Video/filming/editing
    • Accounting
    • Office Management
    • Business
    • Website Development
    • Mass Communication

    Traits we are seeking:
    • Able to work independently
    • Particular to detail, especially typographical errors
    • Excellent customer service skills including manners, first impressions, smiling, telephone courtesy, etc.
    • Reliability – arrive early to work, do not call off work, etc.
    • Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter what your area of interest.  For example, will be making deliveries, attending networking events, running errands, putting together mailers, entering items into the website, moving boxes, putting together new resident packets and more.

    Traits we are not seeking:
    • Lazy students
    • Unreliable students
    • Students who are just looking at it as a place to be in their life
    • Students without passion

    We feel that the Chamber internship could possibly open many doors for your future if you give it everything you got.  It is a wonderful learning opportunity.  The Chamber has served over 225 interns over the past twenty-two years.

    If you would be interested in applying for an internship, please click on the link below: