• Eaton Graciously Makes a Donation to Triad

    The Eaton Corporation staff and Eaton Corporation came together to donate school supplies to the Triad School District. "Eaton contacted us, asking for a way that they could donate school supplies and give back to the community. We suggested that they consider donating directly to the Triad School District." said Dawn Mushill, Executive Director, Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce.

    Eaton employee Valerie Taylor spearheaded the drive and helped coordinate the collection of the school supplies. Eaton employees donated $260 for the purchase of supplies and Eaton Corporation donated $230 in school supplies.

    Eaton Corporation (Troy facility) is located at 816 Lions Dr., Troy. To learn more about Eaton and job opportunities, you can visit them at https://jobs.eaton.com/jobs.

    Pictured left to right: Carrie Skinner (Eaton), Joe Hernandez (Eaton), Valerie Taylor (Eaton), Rodney Winslow (Triad School District), Dawn Mushill (Chamber), Austin Haas (Eaton)