It is a different time. Three months ago I would have told you that I love the pizza at XYZ Pizza company. Today, I would tell you that I STILL love the pizza but now I want to know that the pizza is made in a sanitary environment, that the employees have been properly trained on safety and the restaurant has been thoroughly cleaned. That is a lot to digest. Businesses need to take a good look at their business through the eyes of their customer. Is your business showing your customers what changes you have made since the last time they did business with you? Have the changes you made been sent out in a variety of formats, including social media, videos, e-mails, your website, etc? It is important that people see that you are working to bring them the best (and safest) experience possible. Here are some areas you might consider educating your customers and potential customers on: Videos – show your customers your new sanitizing process, the employees that they have missed, and a welcome from your president. Signage – clear signage at your entrance, noting your hours and website, inside signage showing what the customers can expect from the employee and their expectations of customers. Website – updates as needed including hours, videos, contact information and home page showing updates that have been made. Social media – posting updates frequently including videos from staff, testimonials from customers, updated hours, etc. E-mail – gather your customer e-mails and send them a welcome back letter, videos and other items that will encourage them to return. Hang in there and know that your efforts will not go unnoticed.

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