• TMSM Chamber of Commerce Normal Day

    Ever wonder what the Chamber staff does all day?  Well, you are not alone.  Contrary to some beliefs, just hanging out and waiting for a ribbon to be cut is not even close! 
    A typical day:
    Creating the weekly e-news and pulling together all of the event flyers for all of the Chamber members
    Entering membership information for our newest Chamber member – currently we have over 518 members
    Finalizing event details for event this week (usually a networking event)
    Hanging out at Dunkin for Dunkin with Dawn and visiting with six members in three hours while loving the free donuts
    Greeting a visitor who is traveling and searching for a postcard for Maryville, Illinois
    Designing flyers for the next six events because we have to be ahead THAT much
    Making table decorations for the big event of the month (there is one every month)
    Dragging boxes to and from the Chambermobile (just boxes full of anything you can think)
    Approving one of 200+ job opportunities posted to the Chamber’s website
    Proofing the Resource magazine
    Finding the answer for the caller asking for details on the chicken dinner “at some church, not sure which one, in the area”
    Making calls to members who are a little past due on their membership dues – but we know they love us!
    Updating the Chamber’s social media page, sharing the Chamber’s rap video – because it is FUN!
    And that was this morning!

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