Troy Area Chamber of Commerce

November 2007
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US Paul Simon Museum Committee
St. Jacob Board Meeting
American Legion Raffle
Tri Township Lib. Book Sale
Cat Fanciers Show
Yu-Gi-Oh Sneak Preview
Daylight Savings Time
Troy City Council
Troy Lions Club
Grief Workshop
Tri-Township Library Book Sale
Executive Board Meeting
Chamber Board Meeting
Business After Hours
  9   10
U of I Cooking Showcase
Quilt Show
Veteran's Day Parade
Talent on Parade
New Resident Items Due
  13   14
Tri-Township Park Board Meetin
TDR Meeting
St. Jacob Board Meeting
Fall 2007 Job Fair
  16   17
Tri Township Library Book Sal
Video Game Auction
Maryvill Turkey Trot
  18   19
Tourism Committee Meeting
Troy City Council
Troy Historical Society
Womens Club of Troy
Chamber Newsletter Deadline
Thanksgiving-Office Closed
Chamber Office Closed
  25   26
Triad Board Meeting
  28   29
American Legion Raffle
Puzzles and Games

November 2007